"Your renewable industry consultant"

Let us help you get your project off to the right start! From doing the application to the DNO to gain Connectivity, all the way through to supplying G99 and G100 Control Panels, to carrying out the onsite witness testing in front of any DNO Engineer.

We also supply full Power Quality reports.

Power Quality basically refers to the quality of the electrical environment in which a consumer’s equipment will have to operate. In essence, the term Power Quality relates to the quality of the voltage at the consumers premises.

Power quality analysis is nothing new; it’s been carried out on commercial and industrial sites for years and is a vital service to diagnose and solve complex power related issues.

However, it usually takes place in response to a pre-existing problem, and here at Save Electricity Ltd, we don’t believe this is the most effective way of managing power quality. By the time a power quality survey has been commissioned in response to a problem, significant amounts of damage or lost production time could have already happened.

What we can supply as your Renewable Industry Consultant?

We help our clients achieve their business goals by providing expert advice in our field of proficiency. We work with our clients and advise them on matters such as business and project development, which can start as early as doing applications for connectivity. We have achieved success with every DNO in the UK and have obtained connectivity for some of the largest project’s yet to be undertaken.

We will point you in the right direction for all procurement of equipment and can arrange the supply of any control panels, you may need on your project, protection relay’s or (ELP) Export Limitation Panels, Including bespoke distribution control panels for both G59/ G99 and G100 systems. We also carry out DNO on site witness testing, and we are developing in a new growing area, and that is carrying out applications to gain access to the equipment type tested register.

But have no doubt about our main offering, and that is, with our knowledge and contacts in the industry, which we have built up over 30 Years, we will save your company money.

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